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Here at Colegio San Patricio we’re very proud of our school and students. We’ve been ranked in the top schools in Spain by El Mundo Newspaper for the past 13 years running – and we’d love to show you why.

Our educational model beginning in the Early Years Programme, is based in three pillars: Comunication, Autonomy and Relationship, and stimulates cooperative play as a way of learning.

Children's education is structured through units of inquiry, where children generate and explore their own interests and can choose between a wide variety of sensory, practical, cultural, linguistic and mathematical activities that we have in our centers thanks to our teachers.

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What to Expect

  • Welcome talk with Darla Price (Technical Education Director)
  • Light refreshments
  • Tour of campus
  • Stay and play (optional)
  • Wrap up one-on-one discussion with Darla to answer any final questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school!

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Education with the IB approach for 3-5 years old encouraging child-centred learning through cooperative play

A range of sensorial, practical, cultural, language (French and German) and maths activities facilitated by teachers trained in the pedagogy of listening

Programa de Inteligencia Emocional

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Colegio San Patricio

Colegio San Patricio is an institution dedicated to education since 1958 with three schools in Madrid, an international school in Toledo with a students’ residence, a foundation dedicated to educational research and cooperation as well as an art centre. San Patricio is well known as an engine of change in the Spanish educational system. This is reflected in its commitment to an educational model that, supported by the Sports and Health Education Project, seeks to develop the skills of autonomy, relationship-building and communication in its students to not only maintain the highest academic standards, but also foster the future leaders of tomorrow. This, along with the school’s renowned artistic programmes and commitment to the development of emotional intelligence, multilingualism and continuous innovation, has made San Patricio a benchmark of educational excellence in Spain.

Personalised School Tours