El Soto - Admissions

Requesting a Place
To request a place in the school, a personal information visit with the Management of the Centre is required. To organise a visit, you can ask for information by calling +34 91 650 06 02 or by emailing: [email protected]

From October onwards, it is possible to arrange an information visit and request a place for the following school year.
Requesting a place does not guarantee the place applied for.

Admission and Enrolment
The admission and subsequent enrolment of new students will be conditioned to the availability of places for the requested course and the order of priority established by the College regarding: siblings of students enrolled, children of former students, transfers between centres, etc.

In case of availability of places, the School will contact the families that submitted the request, and in case of confirmation, to book an enrolment interview, which the family must attend accompanied by the student to be enrolled, and provide the requested documents.

Students who apply for enrolment in Primary Education or higher education courses must pass an admission test related to the subjects that are to serve as the basis for the stage or level that they will be attending.