Choosing a centre

The students are distributed in different centres, for educational and pedagogical reasons. The continuity of pre-school and primary education, global and inclusive, means that it is advisable to join school schedules and functions, which in our particular case are joined in the Serrano and La Moraleja centres. These Centres are equipped with more appropriate facilities for these ages, and for that reason they have welcomed the younger students since their inception. Once these stages are completed, with different schedules and functions, it is advisable that students live in a different environment from the age of 12, more appropriate to their multidisciplinary formation, with a progressive differentiation of contents, time distributions and complexity of subjects, both compulsory and optional, and with preparation and knowledge so they can select their type of baccalaureate, which falls within perfectly updated and systematised profiles. Thus, as students go from childhood into adolescence, they change Centre (building) without changing partners, School or Educational Project.

The particularity of this distribution allows having medium-sized centres (between 500 and 800 students) that combine the organisational advantages of small schools, with the advantages of coexistence and plurality of larger schools, avoiding their disadvantages. All this means that, for a group close to 2000 students, the human resources team is, in many cases, multiplied by three. The effort that goes into their coordination and maintenance is more than offset by the excellent results from an educational point of view.

Serrano (Pre-school and Primary)
La Moraleja (Pre-school and Primary)
El Soto (Secondary and Baccalaureate)