Services - Activities

As a fundamental educational complement for a fully comprehensive education of our students, San Patricio School offers a wide range of activities.

Cultural and Formative Activities
Activities organised by the centre as part of its curriculum project and which are organised by the Management or by the corresponding Departments. In many cases they are scheduled so all students can participate in the course. They are usually held within school hours, both within and outside the centre. They are usually integrated into the curriculum of some area or subject. (Visits to museums or institutions, visits to exhibitions, theatre workshops, school choir, works exhibition, preparation for the Sacraments and Ceremonies: First Communion and Confirmation, etc.)

Extracurricular Activities
Activities organised by the centre, which are occasionally developed outside the centre and are voluntary for students. (Trips, excursions, ski lessons, outdoor activities, gatherings, etc.)

Special Artistic Classes / San Patricio Art Centre
Developed within the Centre throughout the school year, they are organised outside the official compulsory curriculum. They are voluntary and can be developed during or outside school hours. These activities are also available for students who are not registered in the School, through the San Patricio Art Centre. They are divided into:
Music and Dance Programme
Plastic and Visual Arts Programme
Dramatic Art Programme

Special Sports Classes
Developed at our School throughout the school year, these are voluntary and may be held during or after school hours. Enrolled students may participate in school sports during the week or in school competition teams with weekly practice and weekend matches. The sports offered include: Basketball, Indoor Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Artistic Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Chess.