Orientation department

The Orientation Department is a multidisciplinary team composed of specialists in Psychology, Psychology educators and Hearing/Language Specialists.

Our Orientation Departments’ guiding principle is looking after the diversity of our students, adapting to their individual needs and characteristics, and contributing to their comprehensive training.

The Orientation Department aims to:

- Promote the student’s comprehensive development as an individual. This implies that cognitive development must be complemented by social and emotional development.

- Promote education and care that is as personalised as possible, considering the needs and peculiarities of each student.

- Participate in the students’ Principles and Values development included in the Educational Project of the Centre.

To carry out goals we work as a team, coordinating the work between the Pre-school, Primary and Secondary centres and establishing a continuity in the work initiated in the early stages.


Departamento de orientación

1. PREVENTION: Design and development of in-class programmes focused on the prevention of risk behaviours, sexual affective education, promotion of healthy eating, development of emotional skills, etc.

2. ASSESSMENT In order to adjust the educational response to the students’ needs through the coordinated work of the teaching staff and direct student interventions. Prevent and detect difficulties related to learning and personal or school adjustment problems in an early stage, through individual and collective assessment processes.

3. INTERVENTION Meet each student’s individual needs in the academic, social and emotional environment in a personalised manner.

4. EXPERT ADVICE Advise and guide families seeking mutual collaboration.

5. TRAINING of all the teaching and non-teaching staff in order to provide a coherent educational context.

6. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH through the centre’s new projects, stimulating innovation and the incorporation of new methodologies in the teaching team.

7. EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Contribute to the development of personal maturity, development of identity, self-esteem and emotional self-regulation processes through the tutorial action plan and the emotional intelligence programme in school environments (i3e). Develop social and interpersonal skills inside and outside the school environment. Ensure that students develop skills needed for the decision-making process, and that know their own skills and interests that enable them to be independent when deciding on their formative and vocational paths.

Contact Details of the Orientation Departments:

Serrano Centre: Amparo Moratino.
E-mail: amoratino@colegiosanpatricio.es

Moraleja Centre: Amaya Fernández-Quintanilla.
E-mail: afernandez-quintanilla@colegiosanpatricio.es

El Soto Centre: Cristina Adrio.
E-mail: cadrio@colegiosanpatricio.es