Stand-out aspects

Multilingualism: The importance of languages for cognitive development means that the school offers, in addition to English, the teaching of German and French from the age of three.

Christian Values Education: The school’s Catholic confession is present in its activities, avoiding any fundamentalism, but using the "Manual of Values" that is the message of the Gospel.

Emotional Education: The students’ emotional skills are developed throughout their schooling years in a programmed and cross-sectional way, which is adapted to their development through the i3e programme (Emotional Intelligence in School Environments), from ages 3 to 18.

International Profile: In addition to offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma, it has an Internationalisation Programme that covers everything from a school year abroad and exchange programmes, to a complete range of courses and summer activities both in Europe and North America.

Artistic Education: Essential for the school’s curriculum to achieve the aimed student profile, creativity and sensitivity are core skills to develop. Music, drama and plastic arts are its cornerstones.

Sports and Health Education: Understood as a decisive aspect for the future happiness of the students, it is worked on from pre-school through the Health Class programme, and is comprised of more than 30 basketball, indoor football, athletics and volleyball teams in school competitions.