Quality education

San Patricio School is committed to maintaining the principle of quality management in its activities and in the development of its services, understood as a permanent improvement of our educational offer.

We believe in the usefulness of quality systems for four basic reasons: because it orders our organisation, forces us to improve, compels us to measure and analyse, and helps us standardise improvement.

The school bases its educational offer on a set of factors or requirements that it considers ensure its quality and favour the improvement of education and training

- Qualification and stability of the teaching staff
- Continuous training of all staff
- An optimised schedule distribution that allows adequate coordination
- A timely incorporation of specialised external professionals
- Professional Promotion
- Permanent revision and update of the teaching programme
- Concern for innovation and educational research
- Development of an effective Tutorial Action
- Permanent investment in adapting facilities and material resources
- An internal and external assessment of all the school’s departments and employees