Origin and History - Young students in La Moraleja

La Moraleja Centre

Origen e Historia With urban growth, both in La Moraleja and other nearby urban areas, and the well-consolidated academic and formative standing of San Patricio, the demand for admissions of young students led to the opening of a new centre for pre-school students. Another San Patricio was born in La Moraleja in 1983. It was designed in the image and likeness of the Serrano pre-school in terms of its operation, but with much better space.

Slowly, and naturally, it went from being almost a "little house" to becoming a splendid building, perfectly equipped for pre-school and primary education students, from ages 2 to 12. In addition, it is the Centre with the largest number of students of the three that make up San Patricio. At the time, it was the best way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the School’s founding, and an excellent example of the great vision and initiative of one of its founders, Mr Jaime Marugán. The structure had been completed: two schools for younger children leading to a school for older students. The children would move from a school for children to another made for older students, changing buildings but without changing classmates. The same philosophy that avoided the problem of mixing small children with teenagers from the outset. Fewer students per Centre and more people for each student. More expensive but also more formative.

Since the class of 83-84, students have remained in the Serrano and in the newly created La Moraleja Centres until the end of the 5th grade of the BGE, which completes the second stage of the Basic General Education. Students then move on to the El Soto Centre to attend the BGE higher cycle (6th, 7th and 8th grades) and the three UPB courses, along with the University Orientation Course (UOC), taught at El Soto School.

In July 1984, with a mix of trepidation and confidence, the School awaited the first results of the Entrance Examinations, aware that it might have lacked experience during this first UOC course, though it did not lack desire. In the end, the results confirmed the excellent work of teachers and students, and confirmed the correct approach of the new course: 100% of students passed the June examination, and the same success was repeated in September, with magnificent final grades in both cases. This marked the beginning of a brilliant record of academic results.