Origin and History - A new century

The 50th Anniversary and Institutional recognitions

The 21st century began by providing the Centres with new structures and a new organisation. On the one hand, new Study Offices were created, and the Departments, Coordination and Tutorials were strengthened. On the other, there was a real focus on the Culture of Quality, which had been initiated by the entire Organisation in the last years of the previous century. There is a sense that structural changes are giving way to new strategic decisions, which include the final commitment towards managing the organisation through quality assurance systems, Audits and Certifications, Improvement Plans, External assessments and Quality indicators. Thus, in 2001, San Patricio School obtained its ISO 9001 Quality Certification, by AENOR, whose scope extends to: “The design and delivery of regulated education in the levels of Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate; and in the auxiliary services of School Transport and Cafeteria”.

As the process management is perfected and procedures are improved, the coordination between the various Centres at the level of Directorates, Areas of knowledge and general operation has intensified. On the other hand, the specific area of Human Resources Management and Organisation was created, which made it possible to develop complete annual Training Plans for all personnel, a substantial improvement in the selection and assessment processes, and the implementation of significant improvements in terms of teaching staff conditions and time optimisation.

The Spanish political landscape has produced continuous changes to education laws, without affecting the essence of San Patricio, which has continued its path particularly by introducing the use of new technologies in all classrooms, offering external examinations from the University of Cambridge or instilling in their students values and lessons that cannot be found in textbooks, through educational programmes such as Health Class, Social Class, or the Model European Parliament Model (M.E.P.), designed by the growing San Patricio Foundation.

We then came to a very significant event in the history of San Patricio; possibly the School’s best moment from an organisational and educational point of view, which marked a turning point was followed by an entire era. During the 2007-2008 academic year, the School celebrated its 50th anniversary, with an extraordinary events programme carried out by the different groups of people who have been a part of San Patricio for half a century. Students, teachers and workers, families, former students, emeritus staff, collaborators and political and social institutions joined in the different acts. The commemoration ended with great brilliance with the edition of a commemorative book that includes images and historical events of the School in a digital format.

At different moments during that same period, the highest public Institutions did not want to be left out of the occasion, and highlighted San Patricio School’s trajectory by granting it three important distinctions:

The Command of the Civil Order of King Alfonso X, the Wise is the highest distinction to educational institutions granted by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Silver Medal of the Community of Madrid, for the School’s brilliant educational trajectory.

Introduction to the Royal Order of Sports Merit in the bronze plate category, for its magnificent sports trajectory.

2011 Madrid Excellence Award for Customer Trust in the SME category.

There is no doubt that these extraordinary awards have filled with pride and joy all the people who have been linked to the School for so long, and we are very grateful for the consideration that these Spanish Institutions have shown towards San Patricio School. All this allows means we can be sure that the "aspiration" of the founders of San Patricio School, formulated in the late fifties, (which in the present business language is perfectly identified with the organisation’s "Mission"), “to form men and women with moral values, who, as fully prepared graduates, leave a mark in the universities they attend and in the society where they live”, has become a reality, and we are still working to ensure that it is fulfilled in each new school year.