Mission, vision, values

Libris Liberi: Culture sets us free.

Our Mission:

"Educate men and women with moral values, through an educational model that allows them to adapt personally and professionally to the society they live in” (Rev. 2016)

Our Vision:

"To maintain the confidence of families and society, be an engine for change in the Spanish education system, and reach a broad international projection" (Rev. 2016)

Our Values:

The commitment to "Educate", a constant motivation throughout the history of San Patricio School, is based on 7 fundamental values. These values, and the principles they encompass, are the constant benchmarks for our entire organisation and management system.

- Christian Humanism is, by conviction of its founders and followers, the best way for an individual to obtain a comprehensive education. Far from any kind of fundamentalism, the institution is based on the "Manual of Values" found in the Gospel message.

- Commitment to the families and students, made evident in the seriousness and rigour of everything we do. The motto; "What is good for the students is good for the School”, clearly reflects the value of commitment. The institution is, therefore, "committed to education".

- Generosity, as an expression of service and assistance to others, mainly through the creation and development of the San Patricio Foundation.

- Constance, developed through instilling daily work habits and summed up very well in this phrase, frequently repeated by our teachers: "nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without effort”.

- Trust that the families place in San Patricio School to educate their children. As well as driving us to continue with our mission, the trust placed in us has great value in terms of the motivation it gives us, and the image of the Institution that it projects. This trust, recorded in the School’s origins with the phrase: "Trust your children to San Patricio", has been transformed into confidence inspired by the safety offered by an organisation has a proven track record in education and business.

- Quality, as a value of San Patricio, evidenced in the implementation of the best management systems, fulfilling all the applicable quality and excellence standards, and in its commitment to the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution; with the aim of continually improving the Institution in all these areas.
All this is complemented by the professionalism and good work of all the people who are part of the organisation, in an environment of respect for the principles of equality, family conciliation; in a work environment where emotional intelligence is a clear marker of the relationships between the individuals inside and outside the organisation. The right combination and programming of these good practices give the Institution its current relevance in the education sector and its renowned social prestige.

- Integrity and Transparency as the organisation’s commitment meet every legal requirement, through the implementation of a global compliance system for the Institution.