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During last February, and following the proposal of the CICAE association (Educational Quality Circle, which includes most of the best private schools in Spain), 83 15-year-old students of San Patricio School took the PISA test for educational centres conducted by the OECD. The School Board decided to participate in this initiative to know "Where its education centre is ranked in the international context”, as the title of the complete results document of this assessment received by the school reads. The report compares its results with those obtained by the most significant OECD countries in the skills tests on Reading, Mathematics and Science conducted in 2012.

The study involved 15 CICAE schools, which met the requirement of having enrolled a minimum of 35 15-year-old students, and assessed a maximum of 85 randomly-selected students per centre.

The results obtained by San Patricio students far exceed the average of the best OECD countries on the three assessed competency areas.

  Reading Mathematics Sciences
San Patricio School 576 577 565
Finland 524 519 545
Gernmany 508 514 524
France 505 495 499
United Kingdom 499 494 514
Canada 523 518 525
United States 498 481 497
Japan 538 536 547
Korea 536 554 538
Source: OECD (2013), PISA 2012 Results: What Students Know and Can Do

It should also be noted that in San Patricio, 23% of its students scored the two highest levels (levels 5 or 6) in Reading, while in Finland this score was achieved by 12% of its students. In Mathematics, 69% achieved levels 4 or higher, while only high-performing OECD countries like Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium reached more than 40%. And in Science, while in Japan and Finland almost half of the students (48% and 46% respectively) showed a performance higher than level 4, 57% of San Patricio students exceeded it.

Regarding the students with lower scores, all the students in San Patricio achieved the basic level of reading literacy (2), which means 0% in the measurement of those who do not reach that level, compared to 18% of students in Spain, 11% in Finland and 18% in OECD countries in the PISA 2012 study.

On the other hand, the basic level of proficiency in mathematics was not reached by 24% of students in Spain, 12% in Finland and 23% of the OECD average, while only 2% of San Patricio students did not reach this level in this assessment.

In Science, the percentage of students who do not reach the basic level of competence in this area is again 0%, compared to 16% of students in Spain, 18% in OECD countries and 8% in Finland.

With these results, the CICAE association’s commendation for San Patricio School was not surprising. The entire institution felt great satisfaction and pride, where students are the stars featuring this international assessment, and where teachers have been helping to develop their skills throughout these years.

For the full results report of this PISA assessment in San Patricio School, please see the following link: Report PISA San Patricio