Academic Results

Our exceptional academic results reflect the successful application of our Educational Model. Listed as the “Best School in Spain” (El Mundo), San Patricio has achieved outstanding results due to the dedication of our educators, and the hard work of our students who have access to the best universities in the world following their above average grades in the IB Diploma Programme.


National Baccalaureate 2022

Colegio San Patricio wants to congratulate our 2022 National Baccalaureate graduates for the excellent results obtained at the EvAU.

  • Highest mark obtained 13.55 out of 14
  • Average final grade – 10.596 out of 14
  • Average final grade – 7.79 out of 10
  • 24% of the students have obtained a 12 or higher
  • 10% of the students have obtained a 13 or higher

IB Diploma 2022

We would like to congratulate our 2022 graduates for their excellent IB results whose average grade was a fantastic 34.

17% of our IB Diploma students have achieved more than 38 points, 11% have achieved more than 40 points, being the highest mark achieved an impressive 43.

Congratulations to the IB class of 2022 on their excellent results!



Borja Díaz – Headteacher

This year we would like to congratulate our students and teachers. After 2 years of the most complex years of high school we could have ever imagined, they have obtained fantastic results, as the school has always aimed to achieve.

In the Evau the 25% of them got higher than 12 out of 14! I would also like to shed light on our science students. 

Our Mathematics II students have obtained an impressive average of 8.13, with half of them achieving an outstanding mark. This has been maintained in all scientific disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing, all of them with admirable results. 

Regarding the results of students who have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) we are very proud of this year’s cohort, the largest we have had so far at our school. The students have managed to face the challenges of the past two years of Diploma with fantastic results. What's more is that they have managed a fantastic average note, when converted to the Spanish system, equivalent to 8.267. 

Congratulations to everyone!