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With an education from CSP Madrid, and specifically, the IBDP or National Baccalaureate options at high school, students will be prepared to excel at university and their careers. Every year, 90% of our San Patricio graduates progress to their first-choice university in Spain and abroad. Recently, our students have advanced to prestigious universities worldwide, including Russell Group Institutions in the UK (Warwick, Edinburgh, UCL, London School of Economics, Imperial College London), with some exceptional students securing sports scholarships to study at renowned US colleges, including Southeastern, Stevens IT and California San Diego. 

In Spain, our students achieve outstanding results in public universities and esteemed private institutions, including Comillas (CIAI-ICADE), IE University, and the University of Navarra. 

Our alumni community of more than 6,000 students are proud to belong to the SanPa family and will ensure you have a lifetime of support after graduating. Their success stories are just an example of what your life could be like after completing your education at Colegio San Patricio. Visit our alumni page to learn more.

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Our Exclusive Partners to Secure a Place at Top Universities Worldwide

Colegio San Patricio is a member of Inspired Education, a global leading group of premium schools around the world. The competition to enter the world's leading universities is increasing every year; still, one in three Inspired students progresses to top institutions after graduating from our schools, including Russell Group and Ivy League colleges. Pupils at CSP Madrid receive tailored support leading up to graduation from expert in-school universities and career counsellors who are well-versed in local universities in Spain, qualification requirements, and the individual needs of our students. Our unique university counselling programme includes visits and masterclasses from the best universities and personalised guidance through admission processes.

To enhance students' chances of securing a coveted spot at their preferred university, Inspired Education has established exclusive partnerships with distinguished leaders in US and UK university counselling, offering specialised tutoring and support with applications to all students in its more than 100 schools. Arete Education and The Classroom Door offer preferential rates for all Inspired students.

Arete Educational Consulting

Arete is a comprehensive tutoring and educational consulting company committed to providing personalised academic assistance across various subjects to guide students of all ages towards their goals. Arete's counsellors specialise in helping students secure admission to highly selective colleges globally, including Ivy League institutions like Stanford, Duke, and Georgetown, as well as esteemed UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Arete's services encompass academic enrichment and test preparation for a range of entry exams, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, DAT, TOEFL, all APs, and the IB. With Arete's support, Inspired alumni can increase their chances of success in their applications to top graduate schools in Business, Law, Medicine, and various Master's and PhD programmes.

Arete Educational Consulting is honoured to collaborate with Inspired in delivering exceptional university guidance and admissions counselling. The dedicated team of tutors, teachers, and advisors at Arete ensures that students receive the best possible start on their journey to becoming global citizens, providing the necessary support to achieve their academic and professional aspirations. When enquiring, please state that you are an Inspired student to access preferential rates.

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The Classroom Door (TCD)

The Classroom Door (TCD) is a comprehensive educational marketplace that connects students with exceptional tutors, teachers, and university advisors. TCD offers competitive fees for college counselling and standardised test preparation, provided by tutors who are graduates or students from leading global universities. These tutors are well-equipped to guide students through successful applications to prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, Dartmouth, and more.

TCD's online courses cover various aspects of the university application process, including building a college list, applying for financial aid, crafting standout personal statements, and engaging in extracurricular activities relevant to desired degree courses.

For existing Inspired students, subscribing to specialised services through TCD's online platform comes with a 10% discount (T&Cs apply).

To benefit from this offer, simply register at and include the promo code INSPIRED10 for a 10% discount on our College Admissions Guide and Tutoring services.

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*This page contains links to websites and services owned, operated, and provided by the third parties Arete Educational Consulting and The Classroom Door among others. These links are included for information and convenience and Inspired has no control of the content of the website nor services offered by Arete Educational Consulting and The Classroom Door and therefore accepts no responsibility for the content or any services provided by them. For further information see Website Terms and Conditions. Please note that students must be enrolled at an Inspired school to benefit from these conditions. 

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