High School Education at San Patricio Madrid

Our High School in El Soto de La Moraleja, Madrid, delivers an excellent education for students aged 15 to 18 years, with two exceptional academic pathways: the globally recognised IB Diploma Programme, or the comprehensive National Baccalaureate, catering to diverse educational needs and aspirations. Both pathways prepare learners for academic excellence while also developing essential life skills, from creativity to critical thinking and teamwork.

Each of these programmes is designed to equip pupils with a solid knowledge base and the necessary skill set to accomplish individual goals, from university destinations to their aspiring careers. Our students achieve exceptional results in EvAU and IBDP examinations in Grade 12, and 90% of our graduates progress to their preferred university in Spain or abroad. 


Why Choose Our High School in El Soto de la Moraleja, Madrid?

Colegio San Patricio Madrid has been rated as one of the top schools in Spain by prestigious rankings, including El Mundo and Forbes Magazine. 

Our dedicated teachers are experts in their fields, with some teaching at the university level. They foster an environment of academic excellence while providing individualised support to each pupil, including an exclusive High Abilities programme for gifted learners to reach their maximum potential in all areas. Hence, our students consistently achieve exceptional academic results, all well above the national and international averages in both the IB Diploma and EvAU examinations, a testament to our rigorous educational standards.

Exceptional Preparation for Top Academic Results

Our strong university and professional counselling programme guides students through these academically demanding years, ensuring they make informed decisions about their higher education options and future careers. As a result, our graduates secure admission to some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, including those in the globally respected Russell Group in the UK (Warwick, Edinburgh, UCL, LSE, Imperial College). In Spain, students achieve exceptional results in the best public universities such as Universidad Autónoma, Complutense, and Carlos III, and top private institutions including Comillas (CIAI-ICADE), IE University, and the University of Navarra. Additionally, with exceptional bilingual preparation from CSP Madrid, half of our graduates take their university degrees in English.


Future-Ready Foundation for Lifelong Success

Beyond academics, a high school education from Colegio San Patricio prepares students for success in all aspects of life, developing emotional intelligence and a skill set to compete on a global scale. Our learners benefit from state-of-the-art facilities to unleash their talents and explore their interests, including a radio studio, an Arts Centre, and extensive sports facilities to take their athletic skills to the next level or join high-performance teams. Additionally, they can take part in our extensive co-curricular offer, spanning the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Academic Enrichment, Community Service, Debate Club, and the exceptional Operation Wallacea expedition for Grade 11 students to participate in conservation research and activities in remarkable destinations including South Africa, Madagascar and Dominica.

Our High School Curriculum

At San Patricio's High School, students can choose between two demanding academic pathways: the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and the National Diploma. Both pathways emphasise academic excellence and holistic development, preparing students for success in higher education and their future careers. The balance between these programmes ensures that every student can find a path that resonates with their individual goals and learning styles. Learn more about these pathways using the buttons below.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

National Baccalaureate Diploma

High School Entrance Exams & Assessments

For students applying to our High School in El Soto de La Moraleja, Madrid, there is a skill-based entry test in English, Spanish and Mathematics. If a student plans to follow a scientific pathway in either of the programmes (IB or National Baccalaureate), they will also need to take a Physics/Chemistry test. 

High School Facilities

All our campus facilities in El Soto have been carefully designed to help the school meet its educational goals, as well as enhance our students' skills.

Fully-Equipped Classrooms

All classroom equipment is of the highest quality and the school provides modern resources for pupils to succeed in a very demanding curriculum, including technology integration in each classroom.

Purpose-Designed Spaces for Science, Technology & the Arts

Facilities in our High School encompass state-of-the-art STEAM areas, including Physics labs (chemistry/biology), Robotics and Design Technology Lab, and purpose-designed classrooms for drama, music and visual arts. These spaces enable pupils to discover and refine their talents in each of these fields. 

Extensive Sports Facilities & Common Areas

High School students have access to extensive sports facilities, spanning basketball and volleyball courts, an indoor football field, ping pong tables, a sports hall and a running track. These exceptional facilities enable them to practise sports both within the curriculum and as enriching extracurricular activities. 

In addition, students benefit from a radio studio, a school Chapel, a school cafeteria with its own kitchen serving healthy meals daily, and different leisure areas for relaxation and socialisation.

Languages in Our High School

To ensure our students can fully grasp the challenging concepts studied at this stage of their education, the main language of teaching in High School is Spanish. Still, our English programme, which students have started in the preschool years, remains strong. 

In the baccalaureate years, learners continue to study either German or French as a third language, which is especially important within the National Pathway.

In our IB Diploma Programme, students have the flexibility to select Spanish or English for their Language and Literature course. For their second language, the options include English, French, and German, accommodating a range of linguistic preferences and abilities. Moreover, we offer a selection of subjects - Business, Biology, Economics, and Theory of Knowledge - that students can choose to study in English. This approach allows for a personalised and diverse academic experience, aligning with each student's linguistic strengths and educational goals.

Expert High School Teachers

Our High School faculty comprises highly experienced and passionate teachers, ensuring that students receive an education of the highest calibre both in the national and international pathways. Our teachers are dedicated to lifelong learning, regularly participating in courses and workshops to stay informed of the latest educational trends and methods. In addition, many of our educators teach at the university level, providing students with insights into higher education expectations, and bridging the gap between high school and university learning. 

CSP Madrid teachers' unique experience, continuous learning, and involvement in the IB community ensure that our students are nurtured to achieve academic excellence and succeed in any future endeavours.

High School University & Careers Programme

Our high school in El Soto provides a comprehensive University and Professional Guidance programme that begins in Secondary School. Our students build solid and exciting academic-professional projects, acquiring the necessary skills to effectively manage their learning journeys and professional careers throughout their lives. 

Our orientation programme focuses on developing students' self-awareness and decision-making abilities, expanding their knowledge of academic offerings and the job market. The programme also includes a wide array of activities such as dynamics and questionnaires, informational sessions, workshops, individual interviews, scientific and informative classes, meetings with professionals, company visits, and the school's university fair.

University Admissions

Extracurricular Activities in High School

Students at Colegio San Patricio have access to diverse extracurricular activities that enhance their educational experience at Secondary and High School. These activities not only complement academic learning but also support personal growth, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation of arts and sports.

All classes are taught by qualified teachers who strive to create a positive environment and establish rapport with our students. Extracurricular lessons may take place during lunch breaks or after school.

Co-Curricular Clubs & Activities

High School students at CSP Madrid, El Soto have access to a wide range of enriching co-curricular activities and clubs in addition to our extracurricular provision:

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Operation Wallacea

Academic Enrichment

Social Classroom

Debate Club

Sports in High School

Our varied sports extracurricular provision at High School spans basketball, football, volleyball, athletics and martial arts (Karate). Most include a competition and a non-competition option, and all team sports focus on the importance of teamwork. In addition, our students have the opportunity to compete in special ski and golf events, where they can represent our school in competitions that are not part of the school curriculum.

Our basketball and volleyball teams have exceptional coaching and perform extremely well in interschool competitions in Spain. Some of our students have become professional players and a few of our graduates have secured sports scholarships to study at the university level in the US.






Arts in High School

High School students have access to exceptional extracurricular art lessons offered through the San Patricio Art Centre. These include a rich visual arts programme as well as different classes in music and performing arts.

Visual Arts


Performing Arts

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