Preschool Education at San Patricio Madrid

Early Years Education - 1 to 5 Years

At our Nursery and Preschool in Serrano and La Moraleja, Madrid, children aged 1 to 5 years embark on an exciting journey of exploration and self-discovery. 

For over six decades, Colegio San Patricio Madrid has delivered an exceptional, comprehensive Early Years education underpinned by strong Christian values. From languages to numeracy, arts, sports and emotional skills training, our programme ensures that your child can seamlessly progress to and thrive in Primary School. 

Supported by experienced native-speaking teachers in a nurturing, purpose-designed environment, our young pupils receive a multilingual education spanning four different languages. They learn from a variety of sensory, practical, cultural, linguistic, and mathematical activities, fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and decision-making competencies.  As a result of this holistic methodology, children become autonomous, resilient, creative, and curious, a valuable skill set for discovering new talents and achieving exceptional results in their future learning. 

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Why Choose Our Preschool Education in Serrano & La Moraleja?

In our Preschools in Madrid, children are introduced to an extensive list of activities, including arts and sports, to discover their passions and interests, as well as instil healthy habits from an early age. San Patricio’s values-based education not only prepares children for the Primary years and beyond but also gives them a head start in accelerating all future learning. Our young students experience an exceptional early childhood education with a carefully designed curriculum, personalised attention to their needs and a multilingual environment, in which they are exposed to Spanish, English, German and French with native teachers. 

Preschool educational approach

Benefits of Our Early Years Approach

San Patricio's approach to Early Learning is based on the latest advances in cognitive science to ensure the best outcomes in the early years. As a result of our approach, young children feel valued by their friends and teachers and assimilate information from the beginning of the learning process, which enables them to maximise their learning as they progress through the school.

From the age of one, our young explorers start learning how to swim and develop psychomotor skills in gym classes. Additionally, they experience creative and free-play activities incorporating the globally respected Reggio Emilia and Montessori methodologies. Our exceptional Gifted and Talented programme for pupils with high abilities begins in the early years, as does the Emotional Intelligence curriculum, purpose-designed to develop children’s emotional and self-regulation skills.

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Nursery & Preschool Options

Our educational centres in Madrid have a fixed daily schedule. Children who attend our Nursery and Preschool should arrive by 8.45 am and leave school at 4:45 pm. However, we understand that this timetable may not fit with the busy lives of some of our families. Therefore, we offer an extended day option for parents and guardians. Your child's Nursery timetable can be changed or extended simply by requesting a tailored daycare plan. Extended daycare is available from 7:30 am and until 6:00 pm. 

For more information about this option, please contact us. To arrange a visit to our Nursery and Preschool in either of our campuses - Serrano or La Moraleja - and experience our outstanding teaching model first-hand, please get in touch via the Enquiry Form.

Nursery & Preschool Programme

Our Nursery and Preschool in Serrano and La Moraleja follow the Spanish curriculum, supporting a bespoke bilingual programme with adaptations from globally respected methodologies, including Reggio-Emilia Inspired Approach, Montessori, Fernández-Bravo for maths, and phonetic-phonological for reading. 

Language development and bilingual learning in Spanish and English are at the core of our model, with pupils becoming proficient in both and receiving tuition in basic literacy, numeracy, dance and music. The programme is designed to develop young children's autonomy, identity, creativity and artistic conception. Infants in La Moraleja and Serrano also learn to care for nature and the environment. 

Our Early Years curriculum aims to:

  1. Help young children apply their developing skills to specific contexts and transfer their knowledge across subjects, as well as to real-life situations.
  2. Build healthy relationships and explore new interests through inquiry-based strategies.
  3. Foster independence and autonomy to self-regulate their emotions and manage their tasks, preparing for the challenges of the next stages of their education.
  4. Develop long-term literacy and numeracy skills acquisition and enhance critical-thinking abilities.
  5. Instil important Christian values.
Bilingual Daycare activities

Discovery & Exploration

In our Nursery and Preschool classes, education is structured through exploration, whereby children take part in a wide range of activities in a safe and stimulating environment with age-appropriate and engaging resources, always guided by our experienced teachers. Following a Montessori approach, which encourages young learners to direct their learning journey and daily activities, take the lead in games and interactions, and play collaboratively, our programme builds independence, a solution-oriented mindset, communication and self-motivation skills. 

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Social Development

A fundamental aspect of our approach to early years education is social development. Many of our Nursery and Preschool staff are specialist nursery practitioners and understand the importance of collaborative work in fostering social-emotional growth. Children learn from each other while working in pairs or small groups and take pride in their contributions to the group during class discussions, art projects, and interactive sessions. Hence, they develop creativity, problem-solving, and leadership abilities.

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Collaborative Play

Collaborative play is vital for young children's learning. Through exploring new activities with others, they collectively build essential foundational skills. When engaged in play under the guidance of our expert Early Childhood teachers, young learners develop communication skills and adopt positive social interaction practices whilst learning to regulate their emotions. The design of the activities provides them with freedom of choice, decision-making and exploration of the world, through inquiry units that facilitate access to knowledge in logical-mathematical, literacy, scientific as well as social and linguistic disciplines.

Preschool approach

A Reggio Emilia-Inspired Preschool Environment

Our Early Years classrooms in San Patricio Serrano and La Moraleja are designed with the ideal setting to prepare children to become the protagonists in their learning journey. 

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the environment in our preschool is seen as a 'third teacher', as it can have a tremendous impact on children's development. Therefore, at San Patricio Madrid, we design and plan every classroom setting to the last detail, aligning with the learning goals for each age group. 

Guided by expert and attentive preschool teachers, our young learners explore their interests and passions in each of our stimulating, purpose-built spaces, inspiring resources and learning corners for different subjects. They also take part in intellectual and physical activities, developing all the necessary competencies for a seamless transition to Primary School, including research skills, resourcefulness, effective communication, creativity, and problem-solving. 

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Early Years Language Immersion

Our young learners in CSP Madrid enjoy a bilingual environment in Spanish and English with native teachers to develop their language skills in both languages. From the age of 1, children are also exposed to German and French, embedded through music and art lessons once a week.

Preschool campus

Nursery & Preschool Facilities

Our daycare facilities in Serrano and La Moraleja campuses are perfectly adapted for children aged 1 to 5 years. Each classroom, learning area and even the furniture are purpose-designed following the Reggio Emilia philosophy, so young children can explore and develop different skills.

Both campuses offer exceptional learning facilities for our Nursery and Preschool children, including fully equipped classrooms, an art centre, a library, kitchen and cafeteria and expansive playgrounds and leisure areas. Both educational centres offer a gym to develop young learners' motricity skills, as well as a chapel and infirmary. Sports facilities in La Moraleja also include a swimming pool where children can learn how to swim from the age of 1.

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Our Passionate & Experienced Early Years Teachers

Our highly qualified and experienced early childhood education teachers in Serrano and La Moraleja seek to nurture each child's unique talents and self-confidence, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for a successful future in their educational journey and beyond. 

With passion and dedication, they build upon existing knowledge by understanding each individual's learning style, interests, abilities and needs while empowering them to discover their surroundings. Lessons are therefore responsive and engaging, with children actively interacting with their educators, peers and environment. This approach enables learners of all abilities to demonstrate their skills and expand their potential.

Nursery & Preschool Activities

Within our Nursery and Preschool education in Serrano and La Moraleja, children have access to a wide range of enriching activities that promote their development in different areas. These include sports, arts, outdoor playing, emotional skills training, languages, project work, and cultural programmes or events.

activities to develop skills

Psychomotor Skills

Swimming School

Swimming (La Moraleja)

Arts activities


Music classes


activities to learn languages

Languages (Spanish, English, German, French)

Educational Centre programmes

Emotional Intelligence Programme

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Project Work

cultural programs

Cultural Programmes & Events


Outdoor Play

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