School Uniform

San Patricio students are required to attend class with School Uniform, specifically designed for the School. This implies discipline in its use, in which the parents must collaborate unconditionally.

2nd Baccalaureate year students are exempt from wearing school uniform, but this does not exempt them from attending School in a correct manner as far as their clothes and personal appearance.

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The School has its own Kitchen and Cafeteria Service. It uses top-quality raw materials, ensuring a healthy and balanced diet with unbeatable hygiene conditions. It provides a weekly report on the menus to be served during the following week.

The Institution’s staff controls the education and coexistence standards set by the Centre for students in the cafeteria, and keeps track of students who may have problems with the food.


Bus Routes

The School offers a school transportation service, with fixed routes and occasional stops along each route.

These routes are established in accordance with the Official Rules in force and the routes and schedules rules, which establish the geographical limits for which each Centre can offer such service.

The Centre’s staff is involved in the inspection and control of the school transportation.