San Patricio Arts center
"Where creativity is a consequence of emotion"


Our Concept of ART

The Curriculum of the Arts center is developed through three educational programs: Music and Dance, Plastic and Visual Arts, and Dramatic Art, covering the whole field of artistic communication in general.


These three programs are based on an integrated concept of the arts, where each artistic discipline is developed in harmony with the others. "Art is communication, and the different artistic disciplines are styles of that communicative action which, employed in an integrated way, constitute the most powerful and creative communicative resource for any artist, or person in general, who wants to transmit sensations, emotions and, ultimately, communicate."


The project, based on functionality and flexibility, is mainly characterized by:


  • Being open to all society in general, whether they are students at Colegio San Patricio or not (although students are of course the first beneficiaries of the center).
  • Developing its activity with a philanthropic spirit towards the world of artistic education; in other words, not-for-profit. Any gains from the classes will be reinvested in improving the quality and development of the Arts center itself.
  • Offering students exciting, first-hand experiences through a pedagogical framework of active, sensitive participation.
  • Using digital technology and ICT to support, record and showcase artistic learning, and bring creative arts from around the world to the Arts center. Our students create, produce, perform and are in each of the artistic programs.
  • Receiving broad, balanced, personalized teaching of the creative arts, through a curriculum adapted to their age, abilities, interests and needs.
  • Deploying well-structured, planned curricula, where learning is progressive, poses challenges, values originality and generates new opportunities to learn.


The artistic evolution of San Patricio’s Arts center students revolves around the essential principle of learning: Why do we learn?