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Gabriel Castellano

San Patricio has been educating tens of thousands of young people in Madrid since 1958. From the very beginning, our educational model has been a success, incorporating best practices from the most innovative pedagogical approaches, and developing a unique, complete educational project, where every detail is carefully considered. Today, we can proudly say that San Patricio is a school of reference in Spain.

Our dedication to providing top-quality education, researching, and implementing different approaches that enhance students' learning, along with our strong commitment to continuous improvement, has decisively contributed to the constant enhancement of our educational model. This model aims to support our students' development and their acquisition of life skills, especially those that the Spanish curriculum does not sufficiently emphasise, such as emotional abilities, multilingualism, artistic competencies, and health-related habits.

When pupils complete their education at San Patricio, they will successfully achieve four fundamental objectives:

- First, they acquire a robust understanding of the specific contents of the Spanish education system, where History, Geography, and Literature are deemed essential, and other subjects, broader than in other systems, require a high level to enable their acceptance into their preferred university courses, both in Spain and abroad.
- Second, all students attain excellent proficiency, both spoken and written, in the English language, alongside a solid grasp of another foreign language (German or French). The choice of their third language is made with full awareness, as students are continually exposed to both options from the early years.
- Third, students gain additional specific competencies, such as artistic skills, teamwork, efficient and responsible use of communication technologies, advanced public speaking skills, and the habit of regularly engaging in physical activity or sports. 
- Lastly, within the Christian values of the Gospel, they develop into free and responsible individuals with discernment, who exert a positive influence in the world around them. Their capacity for interpersonal relationships, grounded in values like loyalty, companionship, sincerity, and respect, will enable them to thrive in an environment of friendships that significantly contribute to their happiness.

I am convinced that what our students achieve in the future will depend to a great extent on the individuals they become. To this end, close collaboration and trust between the family and the school are essential. Maintaining and putting this trust into practice is a top priority and commitment at our school and one of the keys to the success of San Patricio.

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Gabriel Castellano, Colegio San Patricio Honorary President

vision, mission and values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

At San Patricio, we seek to nurture each student's unique talents and self-confidence, preparing them to navigate the world with the skills and confidence needed for success. The primary goal of CSP Madrid is to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality education that nurtures all aspects of an individual: intellectual, physical, emotional, affective, and spiritual. 

"Libris Liberi: Culture sets us free" is our motto at San Patricio. Our Mission is 'to shape virtuous individuals and highly prepared leaders who will positively influence the world in which they live.'

Our Vision is “to maintain the confidence of families and society, be an engine for change in the Spanish education system and reach a broad international projection” (Rev. 2016).

Seven fundamental Values underlie our commitment to educating students: Christian Humanism, Commitment, Integrity and Transparency, Generosity, Trust, Quality and Constant Dedication.

A Modern Approach with Traditional Values & Social Responsibility

Our educational model develops responsible citizens with Christian values, multilingual abilities and a comprehensive skill set, spanning communication, public speaking, autonomy, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, leadership, time management, sportsmanship and emotional skills.

A Modern Approach

A Catholic School in Madrid

Colegio San Patricio is a Catholic school teaching important Christian values, however, it is not affiliated with any religious order and respects everyone's freedom of conscience. Our school is committed to providing the best education based on the values present in the message of the Gospel. We also prepare students for the reception of the sacraments with the assistance of our school priests.


Across the school, we encourage multilingualism with an early introduction to the English language alongside Spanish tuition. Additional linguistic curriculums are taught in French and German.

Personalised Education

In our commitment to providing a personalised education, we customise specially designed lessons to cater for learning diversity and work with students in small class sizes. 

A Member of the Inspired Education Group

As an Inspired school, our programmes align with the three pillars of academics, sport, and the arts, alongside technology and well-being, ensuring a holistic development for all students.

Social Responsibility

We teach students about the importance of solidarity and encourage community service to help those in need. San Patricio promotes volunteer programmes for families and students, such as supporting St Patrick’s School in Turkana, Kenya, building homes for the elderly, and more. 

A Successful History Spanning more than 60 Years

Colegio San Patricio opened doors in 1958 in Calle Serrano and expanded with the inauguration of San Patricio El Soto in 1967. Our school was founded with an avant-garde ethos and an Anglo-Saxon approach, shaped by three key principles: a Catholic foundation, but with no association to any religious order; low student/teacher ratios; and lessons in the English language from an early age. Due to its innovative and effective methodologies, San Patricio quickly developed an outstanding reputation. In 1983, in response to increasing demand, San Patricio La Moraleja - "La Casita" - was established. 

Our founders were four dynamic entrepreneurs, Ms Luisa Murias, Ms Luz Murias, Mr Jaime Marugán and Mr Gabriel Castellano. Each held passionate views on education and all were united in their vision to build a progressive learning environment, which had a clear impact on the school from the beginning. As the first Governing Board of San Patricio, they set a lasting example of outstanding school leadership and a legacy of enduring spirit for all who followed.

Since the first external examinations in 1984, San Patricio students have repeatedly achieved exceptional academic results over the years, securing top-ranking positions, notably in recent recognitions such as Forbes magazine's 'Top 10 Best 100 Schools in Spain' and El Mundo's acknowledgement as the 'Number 1 School in Spain.'


Colegio San Patricio Serrano is established and opens doors to students.


San Patricio launches its new high school in El Soto de La Moraleja, being the first school in Madrid to open doors in this newly established neighbourhood. 


The school generalises co-education in all areas.


San Patricio La Moraleja opens doors.


Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Colegio San Patricio. The school received three exceptional recognitions during this school year:

  • The Command of the Civil Order of King Alfonso X the Wise, the highest distinction available to educational institutions from the Ministry of Education and Science
  • The Royal Order of Sports Merit in the bronze plaque category, in recognition of our school's outstanding sports achievements.
  • The Silver Medal of the Community of Madrid, for the school's brilliant educational achievements.


San Patricio receives the Madrid Excellence Award for Customer Trust in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) category.


Colegio San Patricio Madrid joins the Inspired Education Group, becoming part of a global community of premium schools.


CSP Madrid is recognised as one of the top 10 schools in Spain by Forbes magazine.


Listed as the Number 1 School in Spain by the El Mundo Ranking.

An Exceptional Curriculum

An Exceptional Curriculum

Our curriculum in the Early Years and Primary School is child-centric and provides bilingual teaching (English and Spanish). All students develop in a multilingual environment where they are exposed to German and French in addition to the two core languages. Our Nursery School education integrates the Reggio Emilia Emilia-inspired philosophy, with a focus on developing autonomy and communication. In Primary School, students begin to focus on academic excellence across disciplines.

In Secondary School, students follow a unique combination of the Spanish National curriculum with the IB Middle Years Programme. At this stage, pupils choose either German or French as a third language to study until the end of High School. Finally, in the last two years of school, students can choose the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as a strong alternative to the Spanish Baccalaureate. 

San Patricio's educational model fuses tradition and innovation and is based on three pillars: communication, autonomy and relationships. Our broad curriculum focuses on developing important skills from Nursery to High School, including emotional intelligence, multilingualism, creativity, a technology mindset, healthy habits, and public speaking. Students achieve mastery of the English language and a solid understanding of the specific contents of the Spanish curriculum. History, Geography, and Literature are key disciplines within our project, while our mathematics and science programmes cover extensive and challenging content. 

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