Since its opening in 1958, Colegio San Patricio has offered outstanding personalised education to students who attend Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate courses across three school campuses in Madrid.

Serrano – 2 to 11 years |  La Moraleja – 18 months to 11 years |  El Soto – 12 to 18 years

A promising future awaits your child at Colegio San Patricio.



Colegio San Patricio (CSP) has taught tens of thousands of young people in Madrid since 1958. Our educational model incorporates the most innovative pedagogical advances to ensure a unique, comprehensive, and thorough educational methodology. We are proud that San Patricio demonstrates academic excellence for many other schools in Spain.

We are committed to ensuring our students benefit from consistently high standards in education and to achieve our primary objective, we have implemented management systems that are designed to evolve according to the needs of the school. The process of continuously improving the efficacy of our teaching model has positively influenced the development of our students’ skills which undoubtedly contributes to their success, both at San Patricio and in their futures beyond school.

In following our progressive approach to teaching methods, San Patricio students achieve four key goals upon graduation. Each learner will:

  • Acquire a solid understanding of the Spanish education system’s contents to the highest level possible so they gain the skills necessary to prepare them for study at their chosen universities, both in Spain and overseas.
  • Attain spoken and written command of the English language and solid knowledge of another foreign language (German or French).
  • Develop additional skills, including effective teamwork, efficient and responsible use of communication technologies, socio-emotional skills, and how to manage their physical and mental wellbeing through participation in sports or regular physical activity.
  • Apply the values of the Gospel as they develop as individuals who are responsible for themselves and their contribution to the society they live in.

I believe that our students’ future prospects are dependent – to a large extent – on how they on conduct themselves, which is why it is imperative to emphasise the importance of how they live their lives, as opposed to solely placing emphasis on what they do. It is for this reason that collaboration between the people entrusted with the responsibility of their education – parents and teachers – is essential.

Maintaining an open and ongoing relationship based on regular communication with the families of our students has been significant to San Patricio’s success. The families of our students have entrusted us with their children’s education, and we also trust that they will continue to support the school in providing students with the education they require to thrive as confident, multi-skilled individuals.

I have had the pleasure of being at the forefront of this extraordinary institution, and I hope to continue witnessing the achievements of San Patricio students for generations to come.

Gabriel Castellano

Colegio San Patricio President

Libris Libera: Culture sets us free.


Our Mission

“To educate men and women with moral values, through an educational model that allows them to adapt personally and professionally to their global environment and actively contribute to their local community”. (Rev. 2016)


Our Vision

“To maintain the confidence of families and society, be an engine for change in the Spanish education system and reach a broad international projection” (Rev. 2016)


Our Values

The commitment to “Educate” is a constant motivation throughout the history of San Patricio and is based on 7 fundamental values. These values, and the principles they encompass, underly our entire organisation and management system.Following an integrated approach, as educators we wish to instil:














Education and leadership practices within San Patricio meet legal requirements through adherence of a global compliance system in addition to regular internal and external auditing. As integral members of the school community parents are informed of any changes to the school.

Our Anthem

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