Continued Excellence in Extraordinary Times


Academic Results

Our academic results are the answer to our Educational Model, focused on achieving the best results as a consequence of the proposed path and the plan developed by the student.

Results that allow them to access the best universities in the world.

National Baccalaureate 2021

Colegio San Patricio wants to congratulate our 2021 National Baccalaureate graduates for the excellent results obtained at the EvAU. 

  • Highest mark obtained 13.79 out of 14
  • Average final grade – 8.22 out of 10
  • 50% of the students have obtained a 12 or higher
  • 25% of the students have obtained a 13 or higher
  • 100% Pass


IB Diploma 2021

¡The Best Results in the School History!

We would like to congratulate our 2021 graduates for their excellent IB results whose average grade was the highest in the school’s history achieving a fantastic 36.

100% pass rate of IB Diploma students have passed the demanding tests, 26% have achieved more than 40 points, 34% have achieved more than 38 points and 46% are above 36 points, the highest grade achieved, a very  impressive 44.

New all-time record exam results for Colegio San Patricio.

Congratulations to the graduating class who have lived through the whole baccalaureate in pandemic and who have never failed.

We are also happy to see that with their excellent individual results they will be able to study the degrees they want in the universities they want as their first choice.

Thanks to the teachers and especially to the families whose trust has accompanied them on this path of effort but also of success.

Jaime Úbeda

Headmaster of San Patricio de El Soto School