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Educational Model

Edu Model SP

San Patricio School is a bilingual school that combines the Spanish system and English education with a clear international vocation.

Our students learn in Spanish and English, starting also at early years with german and french, and learn in the Spanish curriculum’s specific contents. In our model human sciences, history, literature…, technology, physics, chemistry, science and maths, are all of them irreplaceable in our project, at the same level as arts and languages are. Contents require a high-performance level in order to grant them access to the university studies they want, both in Spain and abroad.

The School Educational Model is based on three pillars: Communication, autonomy and relation. The pedagogical model influences the development of fundamental skills, such as emotional skills, multilingualism, arts and healthy habits. As well as in other more specific skills for citizens and good professionals, such as teamwork, use of information and communication technologies, public speaking, argumentation and debate, work projects and inquire and experimentation abilities.

Educational Stages

Early years

Our Educational Model pursues in Early Childhood Education, anchoring in a multilingual environment (Spanish, English, German and French) the principles of the creative thinking process to help develop autonomous, imaginative, methodical, persistent and communicative students. The development of language and bilingual learning (Spanish / English) is at the base of our Educational Model. The methodology used is inspired by features of the Montessori Model to develop student autonomy and the Reggio Emilia method for developing the identity of the student and the artistic conception of the world and the care of nature and the environment.


Focused on basing the basic learning of literacy and mathematical and scientific competence, on the development of emotional competencies that allow the personal development of students. Multilingual learning is maintained with German and French and stimulating communication in English (public speaking)


We develop the competency base of a good student. The student chooses German or French, maintaining command of English, on a firm base of knowledge in Spanish. Inspired by a Competency Model, the different areas are worked in depth, and emotional competencies are enhanced. We develop in them the capacity for inquiry, teamwork and communication skills.


Students are helped to develop their learning process according to their interests and expectations. They are helped to set objectives and plan their achievement based on the proposed results. With a clear university vocation, orientation and tutorial work are promoted, as well as conceptual deepening in all areas of knowledge.

We offer National and International Baccalaureate

We lay the strongest foundations for the total development of each individual through a nurturing and child-centred approach.