San Patricio School, La Moraleja

Nursery and Primary School - 1 to 11 Years

For more than 40 years, San Patricio School in La Moraleja has provided an exceptional education for learners to achieve their academic and personal goals in Preschool and Primary. San Patricio Madrid is the epitome of academic excellence, having been repeatedly listed as a top school in Spain by well-respected publications and rankings. We are proud to be recognised as an exemplary model for other schools in Spain and Europe.

Our private school in La Moraleja features brand-new facilities which have been purpose-designed and adapted for the needs of Preschool and Primary students, enabling them to make the most of their holistic educational experience and achieve the best learning outcomes. With a capacity for 700 students, our school incorporates the most innovative pedagogical approaches alongside proven best practices from the traditional Spanish curriculum. Additionally, children learn four different languages with native teachers, equipping them to succeed in international settings. At San Patricio, we are proud to deliver a comprehensive and effective education for each age group, preparing your child to excel in their future studies and endeavours.

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Why Choose Our School in La Moraleja?

At our school in La Moraleja, our expert teachers instil solid Christian values alongside a practical, engaging, and modern education for Nursery and Primary children, equipping them with the skills to achieve academic excellence and become inspiring leaders as they grow up.

Pupils at San Patricio La Moraleja school benefit from a holistic programme that integrates academics, sports, arts, technology, life skills, and well-being into the curriculum. With a multilingual approach, learners become bilingual in Spanish and English and learn French and German with native teachers from the age of 1.

All children develop emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills in bespoke lessons and receive exceptional care and pastoral support from our well-being team. 

As a result of this combined approach, children will be fully prepared to succeed through the challenges of Secondary and High School in our El Soto Campus.

Top Education in la Moraleja

The No. 1 School in Spain

San Patricio Madrid is considered a reference school in Spain by El Mundo & Forbes Magazine for its academic excellence, outstanding results and innovative approaches.

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Outperforming Global Academic Standards

With a rigorous foundation in Primary & Secondary School, our learners surpass Spanish and global averages in their EvAU and IBDP exams

Gifted and Talented programme at Private School in la Moraleja

High Abilities Programme for Talented Students

Helping gifted pupils from 1 to 18 realise their full potential & acquire 21st-century skills with specialised support, socio-emotional development & advanced training

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The Best Preparation to Excel

An excellent foundation for success in university & future careers, including personal & academic development, multilingual abilities, emotional intelligence & life skills

Academic Stages at La Moraleja School

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Exceptional Education in La Moraleja

Our private education in La Moraleja upholds the highest standards of academic excellence, with rigorously selected teachers and top results in the PISA tests for Primary. 

Preschool and Primary children receive a first-class bilingual education, ensuring an excellent level of English and Spanish, alongside French and German immersion with native teachers from the age of 1. 

For a solid learning foundation to excel in the next stages, Primary students explore various subjects in depth, including Maths, Literature, Sciences, Arts, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, and Robotics. Moreover, they can discover new interests and enhance their talents in our extensive extracurricular offerings, including competitive sports teams, martial arts, dance, music and drama. The Preschool curriculum also ensures young pupils benefit from a wealth of activities that promote their personal growth, spanning arts, cultural programmes, sports, and life skills.

Top Facilities to Cultivate Talents in Our School in La Moraleja

Our School in La Moraleja, boasts state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities adapted to the learning needs of children between 1 and 11 years old. The building and facilities have been carefully planned to enhance each student's learning experience, develop a love of learning, and introduce them to the widest range of activities in academics, sports, arts and technology. As a result, pupils can unlock their full potential, explore new passions and nurture their skills.

All students benefit from extraordinary sports facilities which foster healthy habits from the early years, including sports fields (football, basketball and volleyball), an indoor sports hall, a martial arts room, a gym and a swimming pool where students learn how to swim in weekly lessons from the age of 1.

Learners have access to a state-of-the-art auditorium and specialist art rooms, two libraries, playgrounds and leisure areas, an assembly hall, a dining room with its own kitchen serving homecooked, healthy meals, and the school infirmary. Additionally, there is an enrichment room for the High Abilities programme for gifted and talented students.

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Preschool Facilities

Babies in La Moraleja campus benefit from a specialised Nursery centre, featuring small beds for nap time, an Early Learning area complete with tablets, a Reggio Emilia Atelier, psychomotor skills rooms, and different leisure areas and playgrounds with swings. The furniture for this academic stage is completely tailor-made to meet the requirements of a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach in our classrooms.

Primary Facilities

Primary School pupils in La Moraleja learn in spacious classrooms with technology integration. They have access to different art rooms and the San Patricio Arts Centre, featuring traditional and digital resources to develop their artistic skills in specialist studios for music (including all kinds of musical instruments), ballet, drama and visual arts.

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Enriching Extracurricular Activities at Our Private School in La Moraleja

Educational activities at Colegio San Patricio, La Moraleja, take place in the classroom and extend to everything done both inside and outside the school. Taught by expert teachers, our extensive extracurricular offer on the La Moraleja campus aims to enhance the abilities and talents of all our students. Activities also expose them to new interests while teaching important values within a nurturing environment where pupils' well-being is a top priority. Our young learners can take part in exciting extracurricular activities at break times and after school. There is a wide range of options to choose from:

Theatre for students at La Moraleja School


Artistic activities take place through our San Patricio Art Centre, a versatile space supporting a multidisciplinary approach to the arts. Students can choose Visual Arts (Painting, Plastic Arts, Graphic Design), Music (Music & Movement, Guitar, and many other different instruments and ensembles), Drama, and Dance extracurricular activities (ballet, creative dance).

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Sport is a key pillar for Colegio San Patricio, and we aim to develop sportsmanship and teamwork across disciplines. Pupils can participate in Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Indoor Football, Martial Arts, Multisport, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball extracurriculars.

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Co-Curricular Activities & Enrichment Options

To advance the human and academic development of all children in our La Moraleja campus, we offer co-curricular activities and enrichment programmes, including termly cultural outings (such as field trips to museums, farm schools, theatres, and skiing) and socialisation. The latter serves as an educational tool that encourages social relationships beyond the school environment, promoting crucial values such as empathy, generosity, and mutual support among classmates.

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