San Patricio School, Serrano

Nursery and Primary School - 2 to 11 Years

At San Patricio Serrano School, children in Madrid have an ideal opportunity to join the best-rated school in Spain, recognised by well-respected publications such as El Mundo and Forbes Magazine. Situated in Calle Serrano, in the exclusive El Viso and Salamanca neighbourhoods in the centre of Madrid, our school delivers exceptional outcomes at the Nursery and Primary levels.

With over 60 years of educational excellence underpinned by strong Christian values, our school in Serrano provides a nurturing environment where students receive a multilingual education and have access to the best programmes to maximise their potential in all areas. 

Our holistic and innovative curriculum is delivered by native teachers and ensures that, by the end of Primary School, Serrano students will be fully prepared with the knowledge foundation and skill set to excel at Secondary education and beyond in our El Soto campus.

San Patricio Serrano School offers purpose-designed facilities for 700 children up to 11 years old.

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Why Choose Our School in the Centre of Madrid?

With a track record of exceptional academic results for more than six decades, our private school in the centre of Madrid is consistently listed as one of the top schools in Spain in prestigious rankings.

At San Patricio Serrano School, children receive a bilingual education in Spanish and English, with French and German lessons. Our school syllabus encourages an international mindset supported by solid values, combining the best of innovation and tradition. To ensure excellent learning outcomes, we offer low student-to-teacher ratios in each classroom and do regular assessments of academic targets, both of which enhance knowledge acquisition and continuous development.

Children in our Serrano Campus enjoy purpose-built facilities to nurture their talents and skills, providing unlimited opportunities to explore their passions in our extensive extracurricular programme.

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Unique Programmes to Enhance Academic & Personal Potential

Nursery and Primary pupils at our school in Serrano benefit from a robust well-being department that attends to all their needs, receiving comprehensive pastoral care as well as emotional intelligence lessons to develop key life skills. Our unique High Abilities programme begins at this stage, empowering talented and gifted learners to reach their full potential through tailored workshops, specialist support, and socio-emotional development. 

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Ranked the No.1 School in Spain

Rated as a top school in Spain by El Mundo & Forbes Magazine for a track record of academic excellence, exceptional results and innovation

Serrano Private School Results

Academic Results Surpassing World Averages

Following a robust foundation in Primary & Secondary education, our students achieve outstanding results in their EvAU and IBDP examinations, surpassing world averages

Gifted and Talented programme at Private School in Serrano

Unique High Abilities Programme from 1-18

A unique programme for talented students to reach their full potential & cultivate unique talents including specialist support, advanced workshops & socio-emotional development

Preparing students at Serrano Schools for excellence

Top Preparation to Succeed

Extraordinary academic & personal foundation for success in higher education & future careers, including multilingual education, personal development, emotional intelligence & life skills

Academic Stages at Our School in Serrano, Madrid

Private Education Madrid Centre

Exceptional Private Education in the Centre of Madrid

Our private Nursery and Primary education in the centre of Madrid offers an enriched Spanish curriculum, combining best international practices, innovation and a multilingual approach with traditional proven methods. Our school in Serrano provides a truly bilingual education, with half a day in Spanish and half a day in English, incorporating French and German classes from the age of 2.

Children from 2 to 5 years old learn through exploration, inquiry, and positive reinforcement, developing active listening and emotional self-regulation. Our programme takes inspiration from world-renowned educational philosophies such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Fernández-Bravo, allowing children to grow up as autonomous, creative, and curious individuals. Our young learners are introduced to the logical-mathematical, literacy, scientific, social and linguistic disciplines at this stage, and benefit from various enriching activities that promote their development, spanning sports, music, visual arts, emotional skills, and cultural programmes.

Subjects & After-school Activities

Primary students in our Serrano Campus learn with collaborative activities, gamification, and project work. Children explore different subjects, including Maths, Languages, Humanities (Literature, Geography, History), Sciences, Physical Education, Arts (Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Visual Arts), Emotional Intelligence, and Technology. Additionally, Primary learners benefit from a wide range of enriching after-school activities to explore new interests and develop their talents in different areas, from Arts & Crafts to Music (including instrument tuition), Dance, Sports, Martial Arts, Fashion & Design, and Robotics. This holistic curriculum successfully prepares students for the next stage of their education at Secondary School on our El Soto campus.

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Outstanding School Campus in the Centre of Madrid

All facilities in our Serrano Campus are carefully planned to introduce pupils to an extensive range of activities in academics, sports, arts and technology, enabling them to unleash their full potential, discover new interests and cultivate their talents while instilling a lifelong love of learning.

Our school in Serrano features an Early Learning area with inspiring classrooms and fully equipped, spacious and flexible Primary School classrooms with cutting-edge technology integration for daily learning. Students have access to three playgrounds, sports areas, a psychomotricity classroom (gym), and leisure areas that promote a healthy lifestyle from the early years, as well as an auditorium, two libraries, an infirmary, two orchards, and our San Patricio Art Centre, offering fully equipped rooms with a selection of resources to develop our students’ artistic skills.

All school equipment is of the highest quality, and the school provides top resources to ensure pupils can fully explore and enjoy their studies, develop confidence in their abilities, and fully succeed in their education.

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Extracurricular programmes at Serrano Private School

Extracurricular Activities at Our School in Serrano, Madrid

Our students in the Serrano Campus enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities to cultivate their passions and skills in purpose-built facilities, with exclusive programmes in visual and performing arts and sports, developing healthy habits, sportsmanship, and creativity:

  • Sports: Chess, Multisport, Martial Arts, Tennis, Basketball
  • Arts: Music, Dance, Performance, Drama, Visual Arts.

All extracurricular lessons are taught by qualified teachers who inspire students to take their skills to the next level. These activities are available during lunch breaks and after school.

Artistic activities take place within our San Patricio Arts Centre, a dynamic space to develop creativity and artistic expression in various disciplines within performing and visual arts, preparing students to excel in each one.

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