Secondary Education at San Patricio Madrid

In our Secondary School in El Soto de La Moraleja, Madrid, students benefit from the traditional richness of the Spanish Secondary curriculum (ESO) uniquely combined with the globally recognised International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP). This exclusive approach ensures learners benefit from the best of both frameworks, acquiring a practical understanding of a wide range of subjects within a comprehensive curriculum, resulting in a greater awareness of their interests and talents. With this insight, they choose their High School programme and subjects to align with their desired university and career paths, enabling them to compete globally in all spheres.

As students progress through 1º to 4º ESO (Grades 6 to 9), they build a solid academic foundation, achieve exemplary results, and develop emotional intelligence, securing a competitive edge in their future academic studies and careers.

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Why Choose Our Secondary School at El Soto in La Moraleja?

Regarded as the best school in Spain by the El Mundo ranking, San Patricio’s Secondary School in El Soto provides students with outstanding preparation for a successful future. Learners receive a diverse, robust and multilingual education, providing them with a global perspective and valuable skills for the ever-changing workplace of the 21st century, including critical thinking, creativity, efficient communication, technological abilities, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Drawing from our long history of success, our strong Christian values, and proven innovative best practices in education, our secondary education in El Soto ensures that our pupils are exceptionally well-prepared to excel in the Baccalaureate years and university. 

As a result of our unique approach and excellent reputation, our Secondary School in El Soto is always full, with very limited places available. We recommend that prospective families apply at least a year in advance to secure a place for their child.

Empowering Students for a Lifetime of Success

Secondary school learners benefit from a comprehensive counselling programme with personal tutors, nurturing individual talents and guiding career paths early on. Students also benefit from a strong emotional intelligence curriculum (i3e) and an exclusive High Abilities programme for gifted and talented learners to reach their full potential. 

Moreover, Secondary pupils have access to extensive co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities to enrich their academic journey at our school, including international programmes like the Model European Parliament, Model United Nations, and the CICAE Debate League, allowing them to explore global issues and prepare for future careers in politics and international relations. They can also develop high-performance skills in a wealth of sports, and join our exclusive Arts Centre, cultivating their talents in engaging visual and performing arts programmes, including movie-making in our exclusive film studies option.

School curriculum for Secondary Education students

Secondary School Curriculum

At our Secondary School in El Soto, students benefit from a rich array of subjects designed to inspire curiosity, build a strong academic background, and develop creativity through the arts, while including sports as a key pillar. Learners explore Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, a third Language (German or French), Sports, Arts, Design and Technology.

The combination of the Spanish curriculum and the MYP enables an enriching language experience with a different subject in English in each grade: Visual Arts, Drama, Business Management and a specific module for Public Speaking.

Conceptual learning is prioritised at this level, fostering a deep understanding beyond memorisation. Inquiry-based lessons encourage students to question, explore, and connect ideas. Developing teamwork abilities is also an integral part of our curriculum, fostering collaboration and communication skills. This approach ensures our students are not only academically prepared but also equipped with creativity and critical thinking competencies.

Secondary School Entry Requirements

To gain admission to our Secondary School in El Soto de La Moraleja, Madrid, students must pass a skill-based test in English, Spanish and Maths. CSP Madrid students coming from either La Moraleja or Serrano campus benefit from direct access to our Secondary School.

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Languages at Secondary School

At our Secondary School in El Soto, in addition to Spanish and English, students must choose German or French as a third language to study within the curriculum. Mastering multiple languages enhances students' cognitive and communication skills, opening up extraordinary global opportunities for higher education, career paths and experiences in different countries around the world. Furthermore, speaking different languages fosters cultural awareness and mutual understanding in a globalised society. 

Besides our multilingual curriculum, Secondary School students at CSP Madrid, El Soto have the opportunity to sit for Cambridge English Examinations (FCE, CAE and CPE), with an outstanding track record of results. For this purpose, they will have extra exam preparation classes with our top-qualified teachers. Our pupils can also obtain language certifications for French and German through DELF (Alliance Française) and Goethe Institut.

Private Secondary School Subjects

Our Secondary School Facilities at El Soto

Our Secondary School in El Soto boasts exceptional facilities and resources to unlock and nurture the talents and abilities of each student, taking them to the next level. We offer an Aula-Materia System, unique classroom halls dedicated to each subject for focused learning environments. Our pupils can enjoy five well-equipped Science labs; a Sports Hall; two Design and Technology Labs; a Drama Room; two Visual Arts rooms; a School Chapel; diverse leisure and sports facilities outdoors, including basketball, football, an athletics track, volleyball courts, and ping pong tables; and Inspired Metaverse VR School Rooms - State-of-the-art virtual reality spaces where specific lessons transcend physical boundaries, offering an innovative and immersive learning experience.

These facilities not only support a diverse curriculum but also cater to the varied interests and talents of our students, fostering a holistic educational journey for all.

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Secondary School Teachers

Our teaching staff are experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic, with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. All teachers are highly qualified, bringing stability and in-depth knowledge to their classrooms. They go beyond traditional teaching methods, creating an environment that encourages students to excel in the classroom and various academic competitions and Olympiads. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the outstanding results our students achieve in these contests, demonstrating the effectiveness of our teachers' approach. 

Our teachers are not just educators; their role includes student mentorship, taking a genuine interest in each learner's academic and personal progress, and ensuring they are well-prepared for future academic and personal success.

Extracurricular Activities at Secondary School

Secondary School students have access to an extensive list of extracurricular activities that enrich their learning experience, spanning arts, sports and languages. All extracurricular lessons are delivered by highly qualified teachers and take place during lunch breaks and after school.

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Secondary School Clubs & Co-Curricular Activities

Secondary School students in El Soto can join different enriching co-curricular activities and clubs. These include the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Academic Enrichment (featuring Chess), Technology and Challenging Workshops for top-performing students, a Social Classroom where students engage and are involved with the community, volunteering and social responsibility activities, and a Debate Club. In the latter, students have access to a dynamic platform to develop critical thinking and effective communication skills both in Spanish and English. Debate club students take part in international contests like the Model European Parliament (MEP), Model United Nations (MUN), and the CICAE Debate League, delving into global issues.

Our co-curricular activities not only complement academic learning at Secondary School but also support students’ personal growth, communication and teamwork skills.

  • DofE - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Social Classroom
  • Debate & Public Speaking
  • MUN
  • Technology
  • Chess
Sports programmes at Secondary School


Students at CSP Madrid’s Secondary School take part in a variety of sports within the curriculum and as extracurricular activities, including basketball, chess, football, volleyball, athletics and martial arts (Karate). Additionally, learners can compete in ski and golf events and competitions, where they can represent Colegio San Patricio.

  • Competitive Athletics
  • High-performance Basketball
  • Competitive & Non-Competitive Basketball
  • Football
  • Competitive & Non-Competitive Indoor Football
  • Competitive & Non-Competitive Volleyball
  • Acrobatic Jumping
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At Colegio San Patricio Madrid's Secondary School, the Music and Arts programme plays a significant role in enriching students' educational experiences. We go above and beyond the official curriculum demands, incorporating Music, Visual and Plastic Arts, and Drama as part of the 1º to 3º ESO syllabus. In 4º ESO, we offer these three in addition to Film Studies for a more comprehensive study. This multidisciplinary approach allows students to explore and develop their artistic talents in depth from secondary education onwards.

In addition, we offer exceptional arts extracurricular options through the San Patricio Arts Centre. These include a rich visual arts programme as well as music and performing arts lessons.

  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Performing Arts

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