A Summer Adventure

We believe in creating exceptional experiences for young people. While taking part in Inspired’s outstanding camps, students learn valuable life lessons as they travel to other countries, explore diverse cultures, and meet people from around the world. Learners develop a strong sense of self when exercising independence and learn to embrace new and exciting challenges and they enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded international education.

Our camps are designed to offer opportunities for immersive learning that are vastly different from the normal school day. We work with leading global organisations to offer unique programmes designed to inspire and motivate young people and, in the process, students gain a multitude of skills, make lasting friendships, and create treasure memories. In addition to outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and canoeing, camp participants may also take part in cooking, arts & crafts, as well more academic activities, including Spanish, maths, and science.


Our Location

Colegio San Patricio Madrid is one of the most highly rated and valued private schools in Spain and recently acknowledged by FORBES as being one of the top schools in Spain 2021. The world-class campus is located in a very prestigious neighbourhood in the outskirts of Madrid, called La Moraleja, 10 minutes by car to the centre of the city. 

The school has a brand-new swimming pool and large open playing grounds which facilitate outdoor activities.  All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioning and filtration systems ensuring that students are comfortable at all times.  The recent refurbishment last year now means every classroom has been equipped with the latest interactive smartboards and 4K webcams, as well as new wider tables and chairs for each student. 

Our onsite Nurse Cynthia will be available with our lifeguard, Daniel, to address any medical needs. 

360 tour of school, as on school website

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Camp Options

How does it work?
Our camps are split between Onsite Day camps and Offsite residential experiences. You can pick a stay of one or multiple weeks. We have 8 camp options to choose from to accommodate a range of interests and activities. You may choose any of the camps listed below for your child, depending on age, interests, and goals.

Onsite Camps:


English Plus


Day Camp Mini & Day Camp Junior


Support and Reintegration


Spanish Multisport Camp


Surf, Sun & Fun


Multi-Activity in the Pyrenees